2018 Yule logs

Lenôtre, 12 people, 120€

Once again, Guy Krenze,  Lenôtre chef, has designed one of the prettiest Yule logs for this Christmas 2018. The log recalls the starry Christmas night. Réunissant les saveurs issues des trois continents d’origine des animaux du conte, elle met en avant à la fois la créativité et l’héritage pâtissier Lenôtre à travers un travail exceptionnel autour de la fraîcheur, des goûts et des textures, avec toujours une grande gourmandise.

Some large clouds indented in white chocolate and underneath, a coat made with almond paste and biscuit. Inside,  a piece of lemon peel, a baba soaked with lemon syrup and an egg white mousse. 

The pattern in which the Yule log is presented is just stunning. Designed by Michaël Cailloux, it's looks like a magnificent theatre, representing a starry night with fabulous animals.

Maison du chocolat, 95€, 6/8 servings

Nicolas Cloiseau, meilleur ouvrier de France (MOF) and Maison du chocolat chef explores the exoticism of the festive season fruits. In 2018, his Christmas story infuses sweet  spices and chocolat from a fruity escape. His 2018 Yule log is very fresh with ananas dices infused in spice, set on a coconut and almond biscuit layer  and coated with pur Brazilian chocolate mousse. Around the log, a nice chocolate and golden lacework.

Burgundy Paris, 110€, 6 servings

In 2018, Burgundy Paris young talented Chef Pascal Hainigue has designed a Yule log with a 3D refined design, halfway between the festive period symbol and a piece of gold work inspired by the Place Vendôme famous jewelers.  The chocolate-caramel desert looks like a true snowflake. Pascal Hainigue explained that he wanted to transcribe the link between the two magical worlds of the festive period and the finest jewelry around a creation reminding our childhood. He had the idea of creating a centerpiece desert that could  be then cut into 6 distinct shares. The main flavors are Macaé black chocolate (62% of cacao from Brazil) and caramel. There are several layers: a black chocolate biscuit (without flour), a black chocolate mousse, and a caramel fondant heart. 

La Pâtisserie des rêves, 62€, 6/8 servings

La Pâtisseries des Rêves 2018 Yule log has been designed by Pâtisserie World's champion Etienne Leroy and it's all about chocolate this year. And for those who don't like chocolate (really ?) the Chef has created a vanilla and pecan log and a chestnut, vanilla and morello cherry log. Personally, I would  definitely go for the chocolate one.  


David Holder, Ladurée’s president, has asked talented Norwegian chef patissier, Sverre Saetre to come and share his creativity and his know-how for this festive period. Sverre Saetre has created a unique Yule log in the shape of a traditional Norwegian wooden box, the “Tine” (pronounce “Tiné”). In Norway, this box is frequently used to carry cakes and other sweets on the occasion of family diners or larger family meetings.

This “Tine” Yule log is made with typical Norwegian flavours: a rice pudding ganache, a Morello cherry and spices compote and a rose mousse set on an almond and macadamia nuts biscuit. And on top of this white and red entremets shines a “Selbu Rose”, an eight branches star representing a rose from the city of Selbu, in Norway. This pattern is usually knitted up on winter clothes such as mittens or jumpers but Sverre Saetre wanted to pay tribute to the traditions of his country. And to put the finishes touches to his creation, Sverre Saetre has put a golden circle with “God Jul” (Merry Christmas) on it.

Ladurée, buchette Marie-Antoinette

This beautiful Ladurée log is made of a macaron biscuit, a rose mousse cream, and fresh litchis and raspberries.  
Plaza Athénée, 120€, 7 people

This year, Angelo Musa, patisserie World champion and Meilleur ouvrier de France (best craftsman) and Alexandre Dufeu, Plaza Athénée palace chef pâtissier, have designed an original desert for Christmas. Instead of the traditional Yule log, the two chefs have designed a white fir forest, 100% vanilla with a white coat (on which the firs are set) being a black chocolate bar with dry fruits.

Jean-Paul Hévin, 43€, 7 people

Jean-Paul Hévin has named his 2018 Yule log: Ptit Train (small train) as it looks like a train coming out of a tunnel. The ingredients are very simple: a chocolate biscuit (without flour), a chestnut and hazelnut layer and a black chocolate mousse. 

Dalloyau, 125€, 8 people

Dalloyau 2018 Yule log was inspired by the Noah's Ark. The bottom of the log is made with a crispy  (roasted rice and quinoa), a hazelnut biscuit and the top with a mousse praliné.

Le Meurice, 50€ for 3 to 4 people, 98€ for 6 to 8 people

At Le Meurice, talented pastry chef Cédric Grolet’s and his team have transformed fresh chestnuts into a spectacular yule log that’s made with a variety of textures – mousse, cream, crisp and candied – all balanced with a roast chestnut base and lemon praline filling. The result is a wonderfully light dessert that makes a delicious festive indulgence.

Peninsula Paris