Festival Jazz sur Seine

What a great evening! Tonight was the kick off of the Jazz sur Seine festival, an annual event which takes place in the Parisian Jazz clubs, mid October.

This 7th edition is special. It marks the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Jazz in France with the commitment of US musicians in the Great War. During two weeks (until October 27th, 2018), we will have the chance to listen to very different styles of Jazz in various venues, all around Paris. On this edition, organizers have invited more than 400 musicians to play in 25 different places, in Paris and its surroundings.  

It's the opportunity to discover artists of world renown and emerging talents. Last night I went to the mythic rue des Lombards - in the district of Les Halles - to listen to different concerts at Baiser salé, Sunset, Sunside and Duc des Lombards and it was great fun. The music was good. The people were cool. All the ingredients to spend a good evening.

All the information are on the website of Paris Jazz Club, here.