Zadkine Museum

On this last day of September, the weather was still amazing. After a nice lunch and a stroll in the Luxembourg gardens, I went to Zadkine museum, to visit their last exhibition which just started two days ago.

The installation has been organized on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Ossip Zadkine (Vitebsk 1888 – Paris 1967). The museum has chosen to emphasize the special link of the artist to the material. Amongst the works of art, there is a stunning big cat (Le Fauve) lent by the Museum of Grenoble and  a very beautiful series of graphic pieces lent by the Modern Art Museum of Paris.

I very much enjoyed my visit. I loved the art works. I loved the garden. And I loved Zadkine's workshop in which is exhibited "The girl and the bird" that I found absolutely gorgeous.

The museum is very small but there is plenty to see and the garden is so cute. It's very much worth visiting.

100 bis rue d'assassins - 75006 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm (closed on Monday)