Best Gift app

I have found the best app for gifts and presents and it's absolutely brilliant! 💙

I have been using this app for more than a month now and I must admit that it has absolutely changed my life...

The name of the app is GIFT APP MANAGER and here is what it does.
  • It manages past gifts, hence avoiding giving the same present to the same person twice.
  • It also manages future gifts. Each time I have a gift idea for a contact, either surfing the net or going shopping, I just store the gift idea and assign it to the contacts it could be for. This is a great feature. Before, I used to systematically forget my gifts ideas when the time to buy the present had come and it used to drive me crazy.
  • The app also gives plenty of gift ideas (more than 200 gift ideas are already stored). It's so much easier to find the perfect present straight away. For instance, in a couple of months, for the festive season, I will pick in this list to find the perfect present for my loved ones, and that's pretty cool.
  • And the last feature I really like is that the coming events are displayed on the home page of the app. as a reminder. It gives plenty of time to order the gifts on time. Before I was often behind schedule and it drove me mad.

I had tried several similar apps before but this one is the easiest and the most effective I have found. Just 💙 this GIFT APP MANAGER.

Nb : for the moment, it's only available on the Apple Store.