Juice Lab place des Vosges

Looking for a nice place to enjoy some fresh and natural food in the Marais? I have an address for you: Juice Lab, place des Vosges.

They have a very large selection of fresh fruit juices 100% natural, squeezed daily and vegan or vegetarian organic dishes. The soup I had today was just A-MA-ZING. It was very tasty and smelt so good, even little Jude wanted to taste it (see picture below). 

But their speciality are health cures to help detoxify. The juices are made of fresh fruits and veg. They bring lots of vitamins and minerals and help clean up the body and purify the organs such as kidneys and liver. 

So, next time you come around place des Vosges, sneak a peak at this healthy venue. 

My note: the staff is lovely and I love the decoration.

25 Place des Vosges - 75003 Paris