Liquides perfume bar


Today, I took little Jude to the upper Marais to check out if there were new shops which had opened up. This part of Paris is changing very quickly over the years and, even if I do prefer the traditional part of the Marais, it's fun to walk up there and see how it's evolving. 

And precisely, today, I came across a very interesting place named "Liquides". It's a perfume bar set up in a cute little boudoir. At the back of the shop is a high wall of perfume bottles from brands I had never heard about before (Liquides imaginaires, Ella K parfums Paris, Parfums de Marly...).

As the shop was empty -no wonder on a rainy January 2nd- I asked the shop assistant if I could test some perfumes. She was very nice and helpful and asked me what kind of fragrances I liked. She then offered me to smell different flavors according to my taste. I must admit that some flavors were smelling really good and they do hold: 3 days later, the little cards on which she sprayed the perfume still smell lovely. 

I spent a great time and absolutely loved the experience of discovering new, rich fragrances. I do love the idea of wearing a perfume which matches one's taste and personality and, that is kind of unique. The only drawback was the price: around 200€ the bottle. If you can afford it, just go ahead. They have a very large selection of these marvelous fragrances and I am sure that everyone can find the one that suits her or him best.

NB: I also very much liked the candles by Fornasetti Profumi. They are very stylish and make very nice decoration objects. But again a bit dear (over 160€).

9 rue de Normandie - 75003 Paris
Tuesday to Friday 11am to 7:30pm (Saturday, until 8pm)