Galette des rois 2018


I hope that everyone had a great Christmas eve and Christmas day and that you had the chance to create nice memories with your families. 🎄

In France, just after Christmas, another great moment of the Winter festive period is the tasting of Galettes des rois, starting on January 6th, on the Epiphany. My son and I are very fond of these almond cakes and we are always very excited to check out in our slice if we have the fève, this little arty piece, which makes you the king or the queen of the day if you have the chance to get it.

Each year the fèves are different and, since I was a little girl, I have been looking forward to discovering new ones.  I actually collected them for many years. 

So, let's find out what we the galettes and fèves will look like in 2018.


Let's start with my favourite galette this year, from the Peninsula Paris. Dominique Costa, the Chef, has designed a  galette in the shape of the crown, just like the ones you can find in the South of France. It's decorated with candied fruits, Deutz Rosé champagne marshmallows and roasted pistachio slivers. Underneath these sumptuous decorations is a fine frangipane mixted with apples marinated in Deutz Rosé champagne. Sounds just perfect. 
Nb : orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. Price: 39€ (for 6 to 8 people).
Peninsula, 39€ (6 to 8 people)


For Another galette I really want to try this year is the one designed by Christophe Adam as he used most of my favourite sweet ingredients: raspberry, lemon and almond. And I love the idea of a lemon sugar dough. Regarding the fèves, L'éclair de génie have issued a new box of 5 little éclairs, in a limited edition.
Éclair de génie, raspberry galette tart, 32€ (6 people)
Eclair de génie, box of 5 fèves, 35€


Looks like the galette "Allure Chocolat" from Maison du Chocolat is going to be a must for this season too, especially for chocolate lovers like me. The ganache, a creamy mix of chocolate and almond, looks irresistible. The fèves are really cute too. One has the shape of a piece of Salvador chocolate, the other a macaron. They are sold individually. 

Maison du chocolat, 44.50€ (serving 6)


For 2018, the galette Ladurée, of one of my favourite patisserie houses, stays traditional but as they use premium ingredients, it's absolutely gorgeous (puff pastry filled with an almond cream). What about the fèves? Well, they are in the shape of a pile of 3 macarons; very Ladurée isn't it. Each box contains 3 macarons fèves and costs 14€.

Ladurée traditional galette, 40,80€ (6 people)

Ladurée box of  Fèves « Macarons » 14€


Lenôtre chef Guy Krenzer and his team have created a lovely galette with the top sliced with blades showing the filling which is a brioche soaked with almond syrup flavoured with orange blossom and filled with almond cream. 
The fèves represent 7 fairy tale's animals. Nice, but not my favourite. I prefer when the fèves are more crafted.

Lenôtre, 59€ (8 to 10 people)
Box of 7 porcelain fèves, 39€


For Fauchon, the Chef François Daubinet has chosen a balance between the delicacy of the almond and the acidity of the kumquat. To tell you the truth, I didn't get the chance to taste this galette and I have no idea what the kumquat tastes like. So I couldn't say if I like it or not. However, what I do like is what it looks like. Here is a picture of Fauchon 2018 galette. It will be available from January 6th, in the Madelein boutique.

Fauchon, 49€ (6 people)


It's Russian time for Eric Kayser and his galette Babouchka filled with a frangipane with lemon infused in a black Russian tea and chocolate chips. Inside, a cute matriochka crafted by the famous company Fèves de Clamecy. Soooo cute.
Eric Kayser, galette babouchka, 28€ (6 people)

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