Institut Suédois

A colourful parade of mysterious creatures wander through a fictitious northern landscape carrying unique crafted objects. Who are they, and where are they going? Is this a mystical wedding, a funeral procession, a demonstration, a carnival, a weird fashion show…or perhaps a mixture of all of these things?

Taking its inspiration from nature in Sweden, Next Level Craft is an immersive, multi-sensorial exhibition that breaks traditional codes. Objects, sounds and images transform into a magical day-and-night dance.

Curator and artist Aia Jüdes, who focuses strongly on equality and gender issues, has selected works by around thirty designers, craftspeople and artists. Aged between 20 and 85, they come from all over Sweden: from Lapland in the far north to the counties of the west coast to the city of Malmö in the south.

Next Level Craft takes the pulse of our digitalised age, focusing on the magic and enjoyment of craft accessible to all. Surprisingly, the exhibition offers a playful world where haute couture, blown glass, basket weaving and birch bark braiding meet electronic music, street art and voguing.
Curator: Aia Jüdes.

With support from The National Swedish Handicraft Council and the Region Västra Götaland. Region Västra Götaland

Loved it (the installation, the lights, the music).

Until January 7th, 2018
11 rue Payenne - 75003 Paris
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 2pm to  8pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: noon until 6pm
Closed on Monday