Monday, 3 July 2017

L'Atelier crêperie

Today, I was a happy mother. At lunchtime, my son came to pick me up from work and I felt blessed.

I took him to a crêperies which opened a few days ago in the neighbourhood: l'Atelier. I had the opportunity to test it before and I knew we would have a good time. It actually has the three requirements I look for when I eat outside: good food, nice place, and good value for money. In Paris, it's not that easy to find venues which meet that three criteria. 

The food is nice and fresh and the menu offers a large selection of crepes, both salty and sugary. The salty crepes come with a nice green salad and are gluten free. Whether you are vegan or not, there is something for you. And as far as the sugary crepes are concerned, there is choice for every gourmet. Personally, choosing the home chocolate crepe, I keep it simple and efficient. But it's just so yummy.

And icing on the cake, the staff is very nice and helpful. There are two rooms; one on the groundfloor and one downstairs, overlooking the lovely terrace of the next door restaurant; that's the one I prefer.

L'Atelier Mabillon
10 rue Mabillon - 75006 Paris
Everyday, 9am to midnight