La Mouette Rieuse

Last week, as I was walking little Jude, I noticed that a new store had opened Rue Pavé and, excellent news, it's not another clothing store, but a library with a cute coffee shop!

So today, for our weekly family lunch, I took my dearest daughter to that place in order to taste what they had to offer. I took some vegetarian lasagna and Eva had a nice mixed salad and a lemon tart for desert. The food was very fresh and rather tasty. Eva said her tart was gorgeous. No doubt! All the deserts come from La Patisserie des rêves. The patio is very pleasant. It's overlooking a private yard; it's nice and quiet, away form the traffic. I really liked it and will definitely go back there very soon.

The library in itself is great too. It offers beautiful art and cooking books, travelling guides, coloring books for kids and grown-ups, decorative items... Everything is nicely set up and the floors are very  luminous.  By the way, don't miss the last floor; it's an art gallery. 

La Mouette rieuse
17 rue Pavé - 75004 Paris
Everyday from 10am to 8pm (and until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays)