Artists studios in Belleville
Parc de Belleville

Today, after a good workout at the gym, I went to Belleville, in the East side of Paris, to visit the studios of the artists of the neighbourhood.

Indeed, every year since 1990, in May, more than 200 artists open their studios to the public during four days. It's a unique opportunity to discover their art and the amazing settings where they work. I really liked talking to the artists.

I was particularly pleased to meet an amazing who does fantastic drawings: Sarah Navasse-Miller. This young lady who grew up in a family of master glassmakers, took the time to explain how she works, how she finds inspiration. It's hard to imagine that a beautiful drawings are only made with pencils and rubbers.

The best way to enjoy the visit is to go 1 rue Francis Picabia, 75020 Pairs, and grab a map of all studios.
Drawing from Sarah Navasse-Miller