Koti at Institut Finlandais

Today, as I walked past Institut Finlandais, in the Latin Quarter, I had the surprise to see that their café was replaced by a small village of 6 timber cabins.

This special living art installation, named "KOTI" (which means "home" in Finnish),  has been set up to celebrate the centenary of the Finnish independence. The event started in January and it will last until May 6th, 2017. During these 100 nights, Institut Finlandais hosts sleepovers who have previously booked their stay on Airbnb. Guests can chose from 6 different cottages (single, double or family). Every night, KOTI can host up to 12 people. 

The cabins, designed by Linda Bergroth, might be a bit small (with a bed and a bedside table) but they are just so cute! Everything is decorated with soft and sweet colours; it makes the atmosphere very peaceful. For guests who wish to learn more about Finland, they will find an in-cabin entertainment package, containing headphones and showing short films, documentaries, animations and Finnish travel guides by Visit Finland

In the middle of the "village", there is a large table facing the bay window, on which Finnish breakfast is served in the morning. 

Isn't it a great idea!

Until May 6th, 2017
60 rue des Écoles - 75005 Paris - Tel:
Rates: 90/180/280€ (+ Airbnb fees)