Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sérénissime ! Venise en fête

Sérénissime ! Venise en fête, de Tiepolo à Guardi. Such is the title of the exhibition presented by Musée Cognac Jay until June 25th, 2017.

During the second part of the 18th century, Venise was known for its festivities, which actually were much more than idle entertainments. They participated into a true staging of the political and religious life of Venise, at the time. 

Great painters such as Tiepolo, Guardi and Longhi reproduced that tendency in their works. The exhibition is a great opportunity to find out about the splendours of the time thanks to some 40 paintings, engravings, drawings from prestigious French and european collections. The installation is divided into 4 parts :
  • Big and small rejoicings which shows the parties organised by individuals in their private homes and known as ridotto or casino. Dance and music played a special place, particularly in the Venitian society.
  • A second part is dedicated to commedia dell'arte, which met an unprecedented expansion during the 18th century, in Venice.
  • In the third room, some gorgeous paintings showing the power and spendour of the Serenissime. Crowds were invited to huge festivities in particular on Saint Mark'es square and Gand Canal. 
  • The last room is about carnaval of course. Because when we thing Venice, we think carnaval, with maked and coloured parties. Did you know that carnavals date back to the Middle Ages.

The exhibition is not very important as far as the number of documents is concerned (only 40 documents presented in four rooms) but it's very interesting and worth seeing.

Not be to missed: on the second floor two georgeous costumes which were made as closely (feature, material) as possible as to the ones of the times. I really liked it. I was amazed by all the tiny details of the silhouettes. Congratulations to the designer and "Fabrique de la Goutte d'or" who sewn the costumes.

And in the lolf of the museum, a fun area where visitors can put on costumes and masks and hide behind a one-way mirror. There is also a photo booth to take a picture of oneself in a Longhi or Tiepolo frame.

Until February 25th, 2017
Sérénissime ! Venise en fête, de Tiepolo à Guardi
8 rue Elzévir - 75003 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm (closed on Monday)