Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hauteville House in Guernsey

Le look out © Arch-R Sarl – Riccardo Giordano architect

Place des Vosges, there is a cute little museum: Victor Hugo's House dedicated to writer and politician, Victor Hugo. The great man lived there during 16 years, from 1832, and wrote there many of his literary pieces of work. 
But did you know that Victor Hugo also lived and found inspiration in a gorgeous mansion, Hauteville House, located in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands? The great man and his familly found shelter in Hauteville House for almost 15 years, as they were in exile. The listed building is very much unique. It's precisely from this gorgeous place that Victor Hugo wrote some his masterpieces, standing in front of the sea. What a beautiful setting!  

Over the years, the singulary of the decoration designed by Victor Hugo himself for Hauteville House has been preserved. Nevertheless, it now needs to be renovated, especially the two storey greenhouse and the look out roof. And the idea is to restore the place faithfully.
The works are going to cost around 2 million euros and Paris Musées have decided to launch a participative sponsorship in order to associate the general public to this operation. The idea is to raise 100.000€ for the renovation of the look out, the conservatory and the vibrant reception room, "salon rouge".
It's a unique opportunity to become an actor and participate in this major project. If you wish to donate, all the information is available online:

For more information about the history and the secrets of Hauteville House, check the blog:

Nb: even though it's outside the French national territory, Hauteville House belongs to Ville de Paris (Paris city hall) and is administered by Paris Musées.

The winter garden © Visit Guernsey

  Facade on the garden © Odile Blanchette - Maisons de Victor Hugo

The look out © Jean-Baptiste Hugo

The workshop © Maisons de Victor Hugo
Le Salon rouge© Graham Jackson

Victor Hugo et Hennett de Kesler dans le jardin d’hiver à Hauteville House, 1862. Epreuve sur papier albuminé. Photographie attribuée à Auzou et Leballeur. Paris, © Maisons de Victor Hugo.