Paris Haussmann

Being a huge fan of Paris, I had to see the exhibition "Paris Hassmann", a model's relevance, at Pavillon de l'Arsenal. It's on until May 21st, 2017 but I went  today  and I just loved it.

Paris wouldn't be Paris without the tremendous public works carried out by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, prefect of the Seine Department, from 1853 until 1870. Baron Haussmann had been appointed by Napoleon III to put in place the new Paris than the Emperor wanted. At the time, the city had grown to much and was getting to small. There was no sanitation and many people died from diseases due to insalubrity.

To address the problem, Napoleon III asked Baron Haussmann to put in place a program that would include the creation of large streets, with new buildings of the same height, the same facade design and the same color. Train stations were built. New water supplies and sanitation were put in place.

I very much advise to watch the movie "Paris, roman d'une vie" by Stan Neumann to learn about the history of the Haussmanian buildings. The sound wasn't very good so I watched it again at home on youtube.

Anywasy if you are interested in architecture and/or Haussmann, go and see this exhibition.

21 boulevard Morland - 75004 Paris
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm