Ben au musée Maillol

Yesterday I went to Maillol Museum. For its reopening, last September, the museum chose to dedicate its first installation to Ben Vautier. And honestyl, it was great idea. The exhibition is fun and I did have a nice time.

Before, I only new Ben Vautier for his text-based paintings ("écritures") which he started in 1953 and I didn't realised he played such an important part in modern art. I found out Ben played a major role  into the Fluxus movement and in free figuration, in particular thanks to a brilliant video which shows Ben Vautier questioning and experimenting art, in each and every different form, in Nice, in the early 60's. If you go and see the exhibition, which I think you should if you have the opportunity to do so, don't miss this video. You will appreciate the iconoclast and provocative sides of Ben Vautier.

I enjoyed all the artworks presented (200 altogether) and felt very honored to be able to see these unique pieces, especially those coming from Ben's personal collection and from private collection.

After the exhibition, I went to enjoy a nice tart and salad in the lovely Café des Frères Prévert, in the basement. The food was lovely and the place warm and chic. I really liked it. 

Nb: special price for under twenty-five: 5€

Tout est art ? Ben au musée Maillol
Until January 15th, 2017
61 rue de Grenelle - 75007 Paris
Monday to Sunday, 10:30am to 6:30pm (9:30pm on Friday)