1936 Front populaire

Le bain de soleil. Belle-Ile-en-Mer, 1937. ©Pierre Jamet

Today, as the weather was disguting again (a terrible storm left 11 injured in Parc Monceau, hit by a thunderbolt), I went to see the latest Hotel de Ville free exhibition. It's about the 1936's strikes and the Popular Front. It couldn't be more topical with France being paralysed by current CGT's strikes.

The exhibition has been organised to celebrate the 80's anniversary of the Popular Front. With more than 400 pieces, the installation is very rich and I found it very interesting. I very much enjoyed the tens of pictures taken by the independant humanist photographers such as Willy Ronis, Fred Stein or David Seymour. 

I very much liked the picutres and films showing workers (men and women) during their sit down strikes and later on, during their first holidays by the sea or at the countryside. I didn't know that even in houses such as Chanel, workers went on strike.

I really enjoyed it.
Until July 23rd, 2016
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