Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Feves 2017

Fèves Lenôtre

My dear friends. Over the years, you must have figured out my passion for the "fèves" the glorious little piecest hidden in "galettes des rois", the cakes that French people eat during the month of January, to celebrate the Epiphany.

These little objects are so precious that many people collect them. Each year, it's a real pleasure to discover which fèves the pastry chefs from big houses such as Lenôtre, Ladurée... have designed.
In 2017, Lenôtre has created fèves composing a charming miniature dessert service decorated with the signature Lenôtre patisseries (religieuse, millefeuille, macaroons...). The limited edition prestigious box includes 6 dessert plates and a collector fève in the shape of a mini teapot. Irresistable. 

Lenôtre limited edition 7 pieces box: 39€ (Available from January 2nd, 2017)

Fève Lenôtre

Galette Lenôtre « À L’heure du goûter »
Serves 6/7 pers. - 59€


 Ladurée has designed some pretty fèves too. Named "Messages for the Queen and the King" Ladurée box includes 3 lovely cylindrical fèves in Ladurée signature pastel colors (old green, mauve and cream). 

Ladurée box with 3 fèves: 26€. Available from January 1st, 2017.

Galette Ladurée

Big crush for the silver and gold Dalloyau fèves, in the shape of diamonds. They are so pretty than they can be re-used as pendants. Definitely my favorite this season. Dalloyau also sells a limited edition of fèves, adorned with Swarovski® crytals. And if you have a little princess, she will be certainly be delighted to know that she will be able to customise the crown as it comes with a board of Swarovski® crytals.  
Daloyau - Galette 6/8 pers. 45€

Fauchon's fèves are in shape of lovely mouths. They are made out of hand painted porcelain and gilded with fine gold. The box with 6 pieces costs 60€.

Fauchon - Box of 6 pieces - 60€

Galette Fauchon

Peninsula Paris pastry chef, Antony Teronne, has created a Galette des rois flavoured with calisson. The fabulous candy comes from Aix-en-Provence, in the South of France. I just love it. The galette is stuffed with a cream made of crunchy walnuts and hazelnuts, almonds, citrus flovoured marzipan. Yummy, yummy.  I love the calisson like shape of the cake.

Peninsula Paris. Serves 6-8 pers. 39€

Obviously, the fèves designed by pastry chef Christophe Adam for his 2017 galette des rois (made with a sugar dough, a puff pastry on top and an almond frangipane in the middle, yummy) represent his famous "éclairs".  There are 6 different ones. And icing on the cake (if I may say so), Christophe Adam has planned a golden surprise. 100 fèves gilded with fine gold will be hidden in 100 galettes throughout January. Will you be the lucky one to find the precious treasure ?

Eclair de génie - Box of 6 fèves - 25€

Galette des rois Eclair de Génie - 24€

This year, the delicatessen store has chosen to create a simple fève in the shape of its famous delivery van, parked in front of the store. The box of 3 fèves costs 14,50€.
Grand Epicerie de Paris - Box of 3 fèves : 14,50€
Galette de la Grande Epicerie de Paris
6 pers. - 29,50€


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Decoration

Look at these beautiful Christmas decorations. Aren't they glorious?

They are available at Bon Marché Rive Gauche, the Parisian department strore that houses the largest and the most magnificient assortment of Christmas decorations in town. On the second floor of the store, there is a special dedicated corner with five huge trees of more than 3 metres high. Each tree is adorned with more than 300 rare and unique decorations. It's just magical.

24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Novegian Christmas Market

Today, I went to a Norvegian Christmas market without leaving Paris. 

Indeed, located 242 Rue de Rivoli, near Concorde, in a beautiful haussmannian apartment, is housed the Swedish Cercle. It's a private club which organised each year before Chritmas a Norvegian Christmas maket open to everyone. It was the opportunity for me  to discover this charming place and to taste Norvegian foods and drinks.

The Norvegian producers presented many different products such as wollen caps and gloves, lovely candlesticks, jewels, toys, Christmas decorations... Everything to feel warm and confortable during the cold days.

Noël Norvégien (December 3rd and 4th 12am to 6pm.)
Cercle Norvégien
242 Rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris

Friday, 2 December 2016

Illumination de la Place Vendome


 If you come to Paris, don't miss the illumination set up place Vendôme. It's magical.




Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas present ideas

I am very pleased because today I am writing one of my favorite blogs of the year: Christmas gift ideas under 30 euros.

Let's begin a lipstick; I don't know any woman who doesn't like make-up. Go for the Intense colour lip kit by Kiko. The make-up kit includes a lipstick and a lip pencil. It's a limited edition, only available until end of December 2016. Price for the kit: 15€ or 15£.

Kiko - Intense colour lip kit

My second choice will be a black choker from Balaboosté. Chokers are the must-have pieces of the season. Personally I have been wearing them for many, many years because I find them very elegant. But this year, chokers are definitely trendy and this black one, with a stone in the middle, is really nice. Price: 9,90€


My third suggestion is a soap and its gorgeous dishsoap from Fragonard. It's a very elegant present. The soap smells really nice and the colorful dishsoap will go in any home. Price: 16€


For tea and coffee lovers I would suggest a" lovely" mug from Hema. There are different ones, with different colours and different texts. I very much like the one below. I actually bought one for the office and I just love it. It's fun and the size is perfect. Price: 3,50€.

From H&M, here is a precious sandstone box both convenient and decorative at the price of 14,99€.

© H&M

A present which is always a good idea is a candle by Diptyque. Why Diptyque ? Because their products are made out of nontoxic, natural materials  In winter, my favorite candle is definitely "Feu de Bois" (Wood Fire). It smells so lovely. It's my Proust madeleine. It reminds me when I used to sit by the fireplace, when I was a little girl. Price: 22€ (22£), mini candle.

A box of chocolate from one of the most talented chocolate makers in France: Patrick Roger.
30€ the box of 27 pieces.

That's it for today. I will come up with more ideas very soon. Tacke care. Love you. XXXX
PS: in the meantime, if you wish to look at my suggestions from last year, just click here.