Disappointed by Maison Plisson

©Esther à Paris

Last week, as I was walking my little Judy down boulevard Beaumarchais, I noticed a new terrace that looked quite nice; I decided to stopped off for a drink. 

I ordered a homemade limonade and was looking forward to tasting it. Unfortunately, 20 minutes later, I was still waiting for it, even though the place was almost empty. I asked the waitress if she had not forgotten my order; she actually did. First disappointment. My lemonade was brought to me another10 minutes later and second disappointment, it didn't taste at all like a limonade. It was bitter, almost sour. Not nice at all. But it wasn't my last disappointment. After a few minutes, a couple came and sit next to me. As all tables are for four people, you have to sit next (but very close) to people you don't know. The tables are so small, you literally touch your neighbour. Finally, I decided to pay and leave. Unfortunately, there was no-one to bring me the bill. I waited for another 5 minutes and went up to the bar and asked for it.

After this discouraging experience, I decided to discover the other part of the store, a delicatessen. It looked interesting.  There were lots of different food and services (amongst which vegetables, a butcher's with expensive meat, wine and a bakery, but in Paris there are lovely bakeries at every corner). The problem: everything was soooooo expensive !

To sum up, I was very disappointed by the café and I don't think I will come back for the food hall because every thing far too expensive.

93 bd Beaumarchais - 75003 Paris

©Esther à Paris

©Esther à Paris

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