Tudors musée luxembourg exposition

Elisabeth Ire (dit le portrait au phénix)
©National Portrait Gallery, London, England

Today I had a lovely lunch break. I went to see the exhibition "The Tudors" presented by the Musée du Luxembourg until July 19th, and I really enjoyed it, even though I am not a huge fan of history.

The dynasty of the Tudors, who reigned on the English throne between 1485 and 1603, is  one of the most popular. When I told my dear daughter that I saw the exhibition, she jumped with excitement saying that she absolutely wanted to see it as well. In my opinion, it can be very interesting for children and teenagers.

Apart from the legend largely inspired by their private lives, the sovereigns left a deep imprint on the history of the kingdom: politically, by giving a strategic position in Europe; spiritually, by breaking away from the Catholic Church; and culturally, by welcoming the Renaissance.

I spent a very good moment and I will go back with my daughter.

Until July 19th, 2015
19 rue de Vaugirard - 75006 PARIS
Open daily, from 10am - 7pm (10pm on Mondays)

Bague d'Elisabeth Ire renfermant son portrait et celui de sa mère Anne Boleyn

d'après Hans Holbein le Jeune Henri VIII
©West Sussex, Petworth House, National Trust