Week-end in... London

©Esther à Paris

I have been very busy this week and I didn't find the time to tell you about my week-end in London.

So, here is the story. Last Saturday morning, I took the 7:13am Eurostar to London (it's early but it gives you a whole day) to meet my dear friends Sharon and Ram who came from Israel, to visit the British capital. Two hours and a half later, I arrived at the hotel, in Bayswater. I was really pleased to meet my friends. I dropped my suitcase (nearly empty, as usual when I go to London) and off we went for the day. But before starting our shopping, we needed a good breakfast. We stopped at the nearby Prêt à Manger. We love this place because the food is good and made out of fresh and natural ingredients.

After this lovely moment, we headed to Primark. When I go to London, I try to go to Primark first, in order to find nice stuff at amazing prices. And also, it gets crowded very quickly, so the idea is to get there as early as possible. This time, I found some good basics and a great mauve faux-fur. After an exhausting 2 hours, we went back to the hotel to drop our bags before going to our next destination :  Noting Hill and Portobello Market. My friends wanted to see those places in daylight. As our hotel was very close from there, we walked. On our way, we passed amazing houses, especially in Dawson place. When we got to Portobello road, it started to rain and my feet were aching so much, that I decided to wait for my friends at Charlie's. It's a lovely café on Portobello Road where the food is homemade and delicious. I was glad to be inside sipping my lemon and ginger tea because, outside, it started pouring down. A typical british shower. After this nice break, I decided to go back to Oxford Street. I had plenty of shops to visit before diner : Selfridges, Forever 21, Boots, Victoria's Secret... At Forever 21, I always find some good basics for work, at Boots, I buy tons of make-up (it's so much cheaper than in Paris; from 30% to 50% off) and at Victoria's Secrets I buy all my lingerie and presents. This shop is soooo beautiful. It makes you feel good. 

On Sunday morning, the sun was shining; it was a perfect day to go to High Park. I love London parks and this one in particular. It's so huge. People run and walk their dogs. I always miss little Jude when I see all these dogs running around. We don't have such a place in Paris ;-(. So we crossed the park, enjoying every moment of it, in the direction of Exhibition road. My friend Rami wanted to go to the Natural museum while Sharon and I wanted to visit an exhibition about wedding dresses at the V&A (it's on until March 15th). When we got to the museum, I first took Sharon to the café. I wanted to show her the lovely rooms with stained-glass windows. We were lucky because, a pianist started playing while we were there. After, this great moment I had with my dear friend, we separated. I wanted to carry on with my shopping and they headed to Camden Town. I crossed the street, and went to Harrods. I love this department store. I found two lovely dresses at Karen Millen (I will post pictures later on).  Most of my clothes come from England. The selection is slightly different (there are more clothes for work), the prices are lower and the shop assistants are so much nicer and helpful than in Paris.

So I had a lovely week-end and I am looking forward to going back there.